Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tour de blogosphere: tattoos, poutine, self-parking cars and more!

Photo from the Toronto Public Library via GlebeSite 

The following post first appeared on Apartment 613 on February 5.

Welcome back to Apt613’s round-up of local blogs! Thanks to reader feedback from last week’s inaugural post, we’ve added a couple more web sites to our growing list of bloggers. This week’s highlights include entries on tattoos, poutine, self-parking cars and century-old images of the Glebe.

Have tattoos become too popular? And will kids in the future reject tats in rebellion against their painted parents? Quebec City native turned Ottawa blogger Brenda, who self-describes as a belly-dancing accordion-playing librarian, shares some insightful thoughts on whether to ink … or not.

Looking for French-language blogs? Well, veuillez cliquer ici and read La Gargamelle’s review of Smoke’s Poutinerie at 407 Dalhousie. For those don’t eat gluten but still want to eat out, recent posts on Gluten Free Ghetto provide suggestions on where to find GF cupcakes and pizza.

If you enjoy interesting consumer products, then Ottawa’s tech-savvy Spydergrrl can tell you all about self-parking cars, while the Ottawa Dog Blog has tips on snow boots for your dog. For parents who like to keep things neat, the Kids in the Capital has great tips for keeping your children’s closet organized.

If you like Ottawa history, then check out these images of the Glebe circa 1910, or these photographs of Shilly Shally lodge on Trail 1 in Gatineau Park from the mid-20th century.

Finally, if you are looking for ways to enjoy winter, Green Living Ottawa has some useful tips.

If you have a favourite local blog in English ou en français, (heck, let us know if you know of local blogs in other languages), please tell us by emailing or leaving a comment below.

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