Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Review: Scott H. Wilson

Photo by Scott H. Wilson

The Ottawa blogosphere is filled with fantastic photographers.  Earlier this week we started a series that features some of the wonderful photo-blogs from the Natonal Capital Region.  Today we continue our  photographic journey by discussing the impressive work of Scott H. Wilson.

There are moments in life when your surroundings are so beautiful they take your breath away.  Whether it's the explosion of colour in the sky that accompanies a setting sun, the exquisite features of a love one during a romantic moment, or that special reflection of light into a room that somehow makes space shine brighter, we have all experienced those instants when we say, "I wish I had a camera so I could capture this moment."

The brilliance of Scott Wilson's photography is his ability to catch such moments on a regular basis.

"A couple years ago I became absolutely obsessed with photography.  Everywhere I went I was framing photographs in my head," Wilson tells me in an email. "Anytime I saw nice natural light I got excited.  I decided I needed to take it to the next level.  I upgraded my camera and started the blog."

Photo by Scott H. Wilson
The result of this decision is a tumblr blog that is absolutely gorgeous, and which perfectly captures the natural surroundings of Ottawa.  As a case in point, consider these images taken during a walk in Gatineau Park, which includes the photograph of the waterfall on the left.

My blog does not do justice to Wilson's work.  Re-posting his stunning images only provide a tiny taste of what he can do.  To really get a sense of his amazing work you have to visit his tumblr account. Here are some examples: these winter photos are so vivid you can feel the snow; these photographs of the river during sunset are awesome; the fiery colours of autumn are on full display in pictures like this and this; while the joy of summer can be seen here and here.

"At first it didn't really have a theme," Wilson says about his photo-blog.  "I just tried to get out everyday (even if it was for 5 minutes) and shoot things that caught my eye. 

"Now what I hope I'm doing with the blog is telling a short story. Whether it's just going for a walk with my dog or wandering around the city with my girlfriend.  I hope people can relate to my photographs.  Feel connected to them.  I aim for simplicity, trying to make everyday normal things look beautiful."

As a third-party observer I agree with Wilson's description of his photographs. Like I mentioned at the top of this post, what I love about his photographs is that they capture those magical moments in life when life is beautiful and your mind is in awe of the images that are passing before your eyes.  

Photo by Scott H. Wilson
As a parting thought, while most of Wilson's photos are in natural settings, he also shoots urban landscapes, such as the photo to the right (original here).  You can see more of his urban images here and here

If you want to see more of his work, go to his professional photography web site, or follow him on his Twitter account.

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