Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ottawa Photographers: Take Five

Photo by Frank Kehren courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

This past week I reviewed the photo-blogs of four excellent local photographers.  In the coming week, I hope to publish some more blog reviews, in order to showcase our city's great photographic talent.  Before doing so, however, here is another summary of photo-blogs from the National Capital Region.  (Note: This is the fifth round-up of local photo-blogs that I have posted online  see here for one, two, three and four).


Abigail Doris is the creative mind behind The Merry Pedestrian, an interesting site that contains photos of Ottawa's urban landscape, as well as some really creative artistic shots.  "My goal with this blog is to connect with others through sharing my own experiences, feelings and ideas," Doris writes on her blog bio.  "In return, I hope to learn from the experiences, feelings and ideas of others. It’s all about interaction!"

Another site that documents Ottawa's cityscape is A Heart Full of Love, a photo-blog run by teens Cynthia and Alexa.

Brendan Montgomery is a freelance photojournalist whose work documents, among other things, political demonstrations and landscapes. You can see his extensive work on his photo-blog, which includes links to his tumblr account, Flickr photographs, Facebook page, professional web site, and Twitter account.

Cole Burston is another photojournalist who has an interesting site, in addition to having a professional web site and Twitter account.

Antique Skate is the tumbrl blog of the Antique Stake Shop at 9 Florence, and contains skate-related photos.  For more information check out the shops web site.  For more skateboard-related photographs, Ottawa resident Hugo operates the photo-blogs mechant and Awake.

What I Did Today is based on a personal challenge.  "My New Year's Resolution for 2013 is to take one picture everyday to record what I've done," reads the blog bio. While the blog has not been updated since April 15, (as of today, May 4), it does appear that there were regularly daily posts prior to mid-April, so perhaps daily postings will recommence in the near future.

Another interesting site is Keepsix, which has been documenting graffiti art in Ottawa and around the world since being created in 1997.  If you want to view more of Ottawa's graffiti artists check out Mike's Tumblr and

David Johnson is a 22-year-old photographer and student.  His intriguing work includes experimental photographs, profile shots and images of Ottawa urban fabric.  In addition to his main site, he has a professional web site, Flickr page, and Twitter account.

Finally, other photo-blogs that I have come across include Turn My Swag OnIt is Written108 Photographs, and rakerman's Flickr CC photos. (Note: for all of rackerman's photos, including copyright shots see here).

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