Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recipe Sunday: Bircher museli, grilled caesar salad, sirloin steak, muffin in a cup

Photo by Tana Gandhi
(Creative Commons)

The weather is gorgeous and people are happily welcoming spring by being outside.  If you're not sure what to cook when you get home, however, here are some recipes from the local blogosphere to spark your imagination.


Gastronomy and Life's Other Pleasures tells explains how to make bircher museli.


The Gouda Life offers details on how to prepare an egg salad with tarragon and pickled celery.

Food Gypsy reveals how to whip up a grilled caesar salad.

Double Trouble Kitchen Edition can teach you how to make salad with goat cheese.


Eaten Up has a photo essay that could inspire some thoughts for the first barbecue of the season.

Sybaritica has a recipe for the intriguing sounding chili-mint lamb buns.

Mon Food Blog will make all of you carnivores smile with sirloin steak with cauliflower puree and caper salsa.


TBBs shares their secret for preparing a muffin in a cup.

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