Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ottawa Photographers: Take Six

"Photography is not a crime."
Photograph by padawan *(xava du) courtesy of Flickr
 (Creative Commons)

There is a big difference between knowing something intellectually and experiencing it first-hand.  For instance, after surfing the Ottawa blogosphere for a long time, I know that there are numerous photo-blogs in the National Capital Region.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the total number was well into the hundreds, or even if it topped 1,000.  However, discovering all of these blogs while searching through the Internet, (as opposed to making an educated guess on how many there are), is a bit of an overwhelming experience.  Each time I came across a new photo site I am truly struck about how amazing artists there are in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

I have already come across more than 100 photo-blogs.  At the current pace that I am discovering new sites, I am confident that I will reach 200 photo-blog by the end of the summer.  With that in mind, here are some more photo-blogs that I have not mentioned on this site.  (Note: If you want to see previous posts on local photographers simply click on the Photography link at the top of this site).


Ashley Ladouceur is an Ottawa-based photographer who has a graphic arts degree.  "I’ve built my portfolio by working with non-profit organizations, artists, Government departments and Private firms," she writes on her bio page on her tumblr site.  "On my spare time, I brainstorm ideas and create projects that somehow impact the lives of children living in Colombia."  Her work includes urban landscapes, street fashion and portraits.  If you want to see more of her work check out her pinterest site.

I like discovering photo-blogs that focus on different Ottawa neighbourhoods.  I was therefore quite pleased when I came across Glebester.  While this tumblr site was last updated a couple of months, it does contain many beautiful photographs of the Glebe.

Local photographer Stephen Harrison was born in Ottawa in 1983 and grew up in the rural village of Dunrobin, which is located a few kilometers northwest of Canada’s capital.  A graduate of Algonquin College's photography program, he likes to explore nature by taking photos of deep forests, expansive fields, flowers and winding creeks. His work, however, also includes really intriguing artistic shots that range from ice sculptures, to a fascinating shoot involving garbage, to a fire on an OC Transpo bus.  While his photo-blog is only updated on a periodic basis, (the most recent post on the site is from April), his work is definitely worth checking out.

I do not know a lot about Broke Billionaire Media. According to their tumblr site bio, they are "A group of individuals determined to usher in a new type of groove where ever and whenever possible. Dope Music. Good People. Great Atmospheres. That’s what we’re about."  True to this description, the publish photographs of club parties, as well as running an instagram site.

Marijuana smokers, meanwhile, might get a kick out of Blunts N Kush.  For their part, Jackpine is a site for a self-described "creative studio" in Ottawa that contains an eclectic (and interesting) range of photos from our area.  Other tumblr sites that I have come across include Bixter Snoodle, Eric Gregoire, Zhengyanglu and Illuminated.

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