Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blog Review: Beer O'Clock

Photo by localsurfer courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

If you like to try different beers then the blog Beer O'Clock is for you.  Created by Ross Brown, this local site specialises in reviewing a wide range of beers.  In the last three weeks alone, the site has looked at such brands as:

Each review contains a description of the beer's appearance, smell, taste and overall impression, before receiving a score out of 5. The variety of beers sampled is pretty wide, so if you want to expand your brew menu this blog is a goldmine of information.

While this blog contains primarily beer reviews, you can also find posts on local beer-related events, such as the WinterBrewed Festival on Sparks Street that took place earlier this year. Overall, this is an ideal site for the beer lover and connaisseur, who likes to think of beer as a wonderful joy that needs to be savoured.

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