Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New exhibits by Rosalie Favell, Adrian Göllner and northern artists; other art posts

Photo of artwork on the Rideau Canal taken on
February 11, 2006, by Robbie 1 courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

There are several art-related posts in the local blogosphere that I have come across recently.  From news on current exhibits, to thoughts from photographer Tony Fouhse, to a submission request for the work of local horror filmmakers.

Current Exhibits

If you are interested in local arts, then the blog The Big Beat by Peter Simpson of the Ottawa Citizen is a must read.  Recent posts have covered several new exhibits taking place in Ottawa.  The first exhibit is by Rosalie Favell, winner of the 2012 Karsh Award for photography that is given by the City of Ottawa.  The photograph show runs until May 5 at Cube Gallery at 1258 Wellington West.  You can read another post on this exhibit from the Artful Blogger.

In a separate post, The Big Beat writes that artist Adrian Göllner has a new exhibit called Norwegian Wood at Patrick Mikhail Gallery at 2401 Bank Street that runs until May 11. According to the blog post:
(Göllner) built a contraption that attaches to a speaker and holds a pen over a sheet of paper that spins at the speed of a long-playing record, and then he “transcribed” songs including Norwegian Wood, Come Together, I’m a Loser and Help!
The results look vaguely like a pressing of the grooves on a vinyl record, but they vary significantly.  In the drawing for Come Together the grooves are densely packed into a dark circle, while the grooves in the drawing for Help! are more sparsely spaced. Each song’s drawing is distinct.
Finally, Simpson writes about the exhibits Dorset Seen and Dawson Gold at the Carleton University Art Gallery that runs until to June 2.  The exhibits are part of the National Art Centre's Northern Scene, the largest collection of artists from the Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut ever presented outside of the region.

Dorset Seen includes drawings and sculpture from Cape Dorset, a remote village of 1,200 people in Nunavut.  "[P]ound for pound," writes Simpson, "(Cape Dorset) may have contributed more to Canadian art than has any other community in this country."

Dawson Gold, meanwhile, has several pieces by artists from Dawson City, Yukon. "One of (Dawson's) most famous residents is 'Caveman Bill,' who for 17 years has lived in a cave that was hacked from the cold stone by a gold miner more than a century ago," writes Simpson.  "A video by British artist Tom Wolseley goes inside the lair of the caveman."

Interesting Posts

Local photographer Tony Fouhse has a very interesting post on his site, in which he recounts becoming reacquainted with a former drug addict by the name of Jimmy Bonney, who Fouhse first met in 2007 while working on his photography project User.  The post is worth reading.

Lia Hiltz from the blog Pictures from the bus, and other tales has a post about art that you can rent through the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Call for Submissions

A recent post on Ottawa Horror is calling on all Horror Filmmakers in the National Capital Region to submit their work for Volume 3 of the site's annual DDV extravaganza.  If you want to see examples of past featured work click here.

"We're looking for Short Films, Trailers, Music Videos with a Horror Theme," says the blog post ."Our only conditions are first, that it be made by an Ottawa Area Filmmaker (we happily include both the Ottawa Valley and The Outaouais) and second, that it be under 20 minutes in length."

Interested filmmakers can email sonsey@ottawahorror.com.  Volume 3 will be released at Ottawa Comicon, which is scheduled for May 10-13.

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