Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog Review: National Capital Rock

Photo of The Yips by Andrew Carver (copyright)
Show at Mugshots, March 22, 2013
Local photographer Andrew Carver has been documenting Ottawa's music scene for years.  Since starting his blog National Capital Rock in 2005, he has published more than 3,000 posts on his blogspot site.  When I asked Carver how many photos he has posted online, he estimated that about 15,000 photographs have appeared on his blog, given that each post contains multiple photos.  Whether it's images of local bands, or out-of-town groups playing in Ottawa, he has amassed a large and impressive collection of images that chronicle the city's musical history.

Photo of Roberta Bondar by
Andrew Carver (copyright)
Show at Mugshots, August 30, 2012
While his site can be classified as a photo-blog, it is also an indispensable source of local music news, as it highlights many, if not most, of the rock shows that take place in town.  For anyone who is interested in learning about local bands and seeing live music in the city, this site is an essential fountain of information.  The long list of labels and bands that can be found on this blog is by itself a musical encyclopaedia.  In my view, this site is one of the most important music-related blogs in Ottawa.

From a photographic perspective, Carver’s photos capture the raw energy of a live concert, and transport the viewer into the club, bar, pub or house party where the concert is occurring.  Whenever I log onto his site, it is easy for me to imagine being up on stage with the musicians, or dancing the night away in a festive crowd. 

In addition to his blogspot blog, he displays his photographs on Flickr and a Tumblr account.  He is also on Twitter.  If you are a music fan, I highly encourage you to view his prolific work.

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