Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Monday: Miss Helvetica Bold, Ottawa Sucks Volume 1, changes at jazz festival

Photo by missionlessdays courtesy of Flickr
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Couch Assassin has an interview with Miss Helvetica Bold, founder of the local burlesque group Rockalily Burlesque and one of the pioneers of Ottawa's burlesque scene.

Apartment 613 previewed and Ottawa Showbox reviewed Ottawa Sucks Volume 1 that took place this past Friday at the Montgomery Legion on Kent.  "This was much more than just a concert," says the OS review.  "It was a gathering, a party for the underground.  The music might be angry, loud and destructive, but the people attending Ottawa Sucks were all hugs and high-fives.  Don’t let the spikes, the leather or the combat boots distort your perspective, there are very nice loving people in the Ottawa punk and hardcore scene."

Ottawa Showbox highlights four local bands that will be playing at this year's Ottawa Bluesfest that you should see.  The groups are A Tribe Called Red, Roberta BondarLoon Choir and Jack Pine & The Fire.

The blog Ottawawhatwhat?! notes that The Book of Mormon, winner of nine Tony Awards, will be in Ottawa in July 2014.

Peter Hum, the Ottawa Citizen's food critic and jazz blogger, writes that the jam sessions at Ottawa jazz festival could be eliminated.  In a recent post, he discusses the pros and cons of ending of these sessions.

Finally, Ottawa Showbox reviewed the show from this past Saturday by Ottawa's The Yips and Kings Quest, as well as Toronto's F Hood.

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