Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recipe Sunday: Awesome pancakes, seafood risotto, lamb, red velvet cupcakes and more

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There are a lot of recipes to share this week.  However, before listing the latest cooking tips to come across my NewsBlur feed, I should note that my Tour de blogosphere column this week for Apartment613 focussed on cooking blogs.  With that in mind, here are some recipes from the local blogosphere.

Recipes - Breakfast

Simply Fresh teaches you how to make the best pancakes in the world.

Recipes - Soups

Eaten Up has a photographic recipe (click on the link to see what I mean) for beet soup.

Recipes - Main Plates

beFoodled suggests the delicious sounding Mediterranean seafood risotto.

Double Trouble Kitchen Edition explains how to prepare orecchiette with feta, peas and pine nuts.

Sheltered Girl Meets World publishes a recipe for grain stuffed pasta shells in the Centretown Buzz.

Sybaritica describes how to cook Easter lamb with gremolata.

The blog wine out loud, which normally focusses on all things wine, expands its blogging repertoire by posting a recipe for easy whole wheat pizza.

In her first post since February, Zahlicous outlines how to cook Brussels sprouts with lemon and pistachios.

Recipes - Desserts

Food Gypsy shares tips for making red velvet cupcakes.

Ottawa Valley Moms can help you indulge your sweet tooth by teaching you how to bake nut caramel fudge.

culinarilyinclined has some intriguing baking ideas for jam-filled doughnut muffins.

Finally, a peek inside the fishbowl links to a few chocolate-related recipes.

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