Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cocktail recipes, beer reviews and wine recommendations

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I am not sure if it's the feeling of spring in the air, and/or if it's me who is delighted about being reacquainted with the sun, but a lot of drinking-related, patio-friendly posts seem to be coming across my NewsBlur feed recently.  (Since Google Reader will soon be kaput, I have moved over to NewsBlur).  Anyhow, below are some beer, wine and cocktail-related posts from the local blogosphere.


Martinis for Breaksfast has posted a couple of cocktail recipes online.  The first is for a Manhattan, while the second is for a Cuba Libre, both of which you can drink while watching Mad Men.

Beer Reviews and wine recommendations

Beer O'Clock has posted recent reviews on the following beers:

Closing things off, Second Ferment recommends some California wines.

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