Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Review: I Believe In Story

Photo courtesy of http://www.ibelieveinstory.com/

Regular readers of this site will recognize the excellent blog I Believe In Story by Maria Vicente, which I frequently link to in my Book Review Friday posts.  Currently a literary agent intern with Bree Ogden at D4EO Literary Agency, Vicente also provides freelance copy editing and book designing services, in addition to her blogging.

I first came across I Believe In Story while researching an article for Apartment613 on blogging bookworms.  Since publishing that Apartment613 story, I have discovered many other writers and bibliophiles in the local blogosphere. Some of these sites, however, have particularly caught my attention – chief among them Vicente's blog, which covers many literary related topics and is one of my favourite book-related online sites in the city.

Like other literary bloggers in town, Vicente pens many books reviews.  However, she also offers other interesting tidbits, such as her Sunday News features that contain a weekly round-up of literary links (click here for an example), her regular series "The 8 List", in which she names eight books that are connected to a specific topic (see here, here and here for examples), as well as giveaway contests, book chats and fun posts like her Literary Fashion series.

"For IBIS, 'literature' means a lot more than books," Vicente writes on her site bio.  "On the blog, all forms of storytelling are celebrated.  Posts about books, movies, television, music, fashion, and the stories of every day life will be published on the blog."

True to her word, her blogging covers a lot of facets of the literary world, and is definitely worth reading.  Thanks to her blogging, my "to read" list has added some interesting books that I would not have heard about otherwise.

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