Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some Ottawa foodie news

Photo of ByWard Market by @sylc courtesy of Flickr
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Ideally I would publish two posts a day, every day, on this site.  One in the morning with links to notable blog posts, and a second in the afternoon that is a review of a local blog.  With work and family commitments, however, it is becoming clear that I will not always be able to meet this goal.  As such, on some days I may only have one post, or if it gets really busy none at all.  On other occasions, like today, I will have two posts, but with neither one being a blog review.

In order to catch up on the backlog of interesting stories that I want to link to, I decided that today I would post some foodie updates instead of a blog review.  Many of the posts below have been sitting in my "to publish" list for some time, and instead of postponing them again I decided to finally link to them.

Foodie News

If you have children, then you should read this post from Ottawa Valley Moms which names seven local restaurants where kids can eat for free.

Capital Dining has news on changes at the Iberian restaurant El Meson at 94 Beechwood Avenue, while Ottawa Citizen food blogger Ron Eade writes about management changes at the Westboro Fish House at 309 Richmond Road.

The Domicile blog has details on the 2013 Ottawa Foodie Challenge on May 25, a day-long photo scavenger hunt in which teams from across Ottawa compete in food-related tasks and challenges. Tickets cost $50 per team and you can click here to register.  All proceeds go to the Ottawa Food Bank.

The City Bites blog from Ottawa Magazine has an interesting post on the arrival of Ataulfo Mangoes at some local grocery stores, while Ron Eade has exclusive video of Urban Pear chef/owner Ben Baird whose food truck is on the road.

Finally, a few weeks ago Ottawa Citizen food critic Peter Hum published an interesting list that lists all of the Ottawa food establishments that have survived, and those that have closed, since the publication of the Citizen's 2001 dining guide.  The list is worth the read, as it documents the shifting nature of the local culinary scene.

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