Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blog Review: The O-Dot

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If you enjoy reading online humour then you probably heard of The Onion, the wonderful satirical publication that can be found on the Internet and in print form in certain U.S. cities.  For those living in the National Capital Region, however, we have our own satirical Internet "newspaper" that is pure comic gold.

Created by the mysterious Tommy Talker, the real blogger's nom de plume, The O-Dot has been making local residents bowl over in laughter since 2010.  Similar to The Onion, The O-Dot publishes mock news articles that poke fun at current events, political leaders, area businesses and life in general in Canada's capital. Some of Tommy's recent posts include a hilarious jab at weekend brunch crowds that wait in line, an "article" on Home Depot, which a Brit would describe as, "taking the piss," and a story with the following gem of a headline, New Hands Free Car Finally Allows Hands On Phone Calls.

Tommy's mock journalism is pitch perfect, as he routinely writes fantastic sentences like this one to open a story: "Ottawa - The Canadian Food inspection Agency is undergoing an investigation into claims that McDonald's restaurants have been using leprechaun meat in the production of their popular Shamrock Shakes dessert beverages."  This is comedic reporting that would make Rick Mercer proud.

Another fun read is this ingenious spoof on Tim Horton's:
Ottawa - Local coffee giant Bridgehead officially launched their own coffee shop contest to compete with Tim Horton's highly popular "Roll Up The Rim" contest.  Called "Lick Up The Latte", coffee customers will have a chance to win an assortment of fairly won prizes that include yoga lessons, baby strollers beard trimmings, and even the grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Machu Pichhu. 
Similar to Tim Horton's contest in which customers order a coffee to receive a game play cup, Bridgehead will offer special lattes in which the latte foam will reveal if the customer is a winner or not.  Baristas in the Bridgehead dispense an unknown contest foam into the cup where the special foam powder reveals a design that indicates if the customer is a winner or not.
If you want to follow more of Tommy's offbeat thoughts, you can read his twitter account.  In the meantime, head over to The O-Dot and increase the enjoyment of your day with his wonderful brand of comedy.

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