Sunday, April 14, 2013

Development news from around Ottawa

Photo by Mikey G Ottawa courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)
Several development-related posts have appeared in the local blogosphere.  Here are some of the blogs that have been discussing changes to our city.

Spacing Ottawa has a round-up of news articles about urban issues.

For its part, West Side Action has several new posts.  The first deals with Richcraft's proposed plan for the Dow Motors site near the corner of Preston and Carling.  The second is about the construction of the OTrain multi-use pathway from the Ottawa River to Young.  The third and final post is about a meeting between Mizrahi Developments and local residents on the proposed construction of condos on Richmond Road at Island Park Drive

Finally, on an urban but not development-related note, Vanier Now offers their list of 10 vibrant places in Vanier.

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