Monday, April 15, 2013

Blog Review: Ottawhatwhat?!

Image by David Berkowitz courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

The blog Ottawhatwhat?! is arguably the Re-post king of the local blogosphere. The site's motto is "Rebloggin' Ottawa stuffs", and true to its name it shares links to numerous local blogs, as well as some sites from beyond the National Capital Region.

If you are looking to expand your list of Ottawa bloggers this is an excellent place to go.  You can think of this site as equivalent to a news wire service for the local blogosphere, which reposts content from a wide range of blogs that many area residents would otherwise not hear of.

To my pleasant surprise, this blogging "wire service" allowed me to discover numerous photo-blogs, quirky sites off the beaten path, and other interesting blogs hidden in cyberspace.  As a result, I was able to add many new sites to the blogroll to the right.  In fact, thanks to the high-number of photo-blogs that are featured on Ottawawhatwhat?!, I now have enough material to write an additional post on local photographers that I plan to post in the near future, which will accompany the previous three summary posts that I have written on local photo-blogs (see here, here and here).

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