Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog Review: Artful Blogger

Digitally manipulated photo by Peter George Gordon
(Creative Commons)

Ottawa Magazine is a wonderful source of local news.  Whether it's their picks for best restaurants in town, recommendations on where to grab a glass of wine, profiles of area residents, discussions on art, gardens or politics, or the numerous other topics that they cover, they are a must read for anyone interested in knowing more about our nation's capital.

From a blogging perspective, the magazine's online site publishes several blogs that specialise in different topics.  My aim is to eventually review all of these blogs.  For today, however, I want to start with the Artful Blogger by Paul Gessell, which contains intelligent and well-written pieces on various local artists and exhibits in the city.  Recent posts include:
Ottawa is sometimes mocked as a conservative and unimaginative city.  Readers of the Artful Blogger, however, know better, as this blog reports on the numerous artists and interesting exhibits in the city.

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