Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Review: Sheltered Girl Meets World

Photo by skelastic courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

I really like this blog.  Since first discovering it this past fall, I have enjoyed reading the various posts on beer, travel and food-related topics.  Recent posts include:

  • A fun "what's in your fridge" photo contest, in which readers sent in photographs of the inside of their refrigerator, with the winner receiving a $25 LCBO gift card;
  • A post on Sheltered Girl's beer glass collection;
  • Food and beer hot spots in New York City following a long weekend trip to the Big Apple;
  • Descriptions of a Beau's beer brunch;
  • Highlights from WinterBrewed 2013;
  • Tips on making a dulce de leche ice cream beer float; and
  • Many other posts ranging from restaurant reviews to brewery tours.

Originally I classified this blog in the foodie section of the blogroll.  After noting all of the beer-related posts, however, I moved it into the Wine and Drinks section, although this site also arguably does not belong there either.  With its great range of beer, food and travel commentary this blog covers many topics to please your senses, so if you like to drink, eat and travel then I would recommend this site.

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