Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Massive Project in Southwest Ottawa? Changes in Barrhaven and Hintonburg.

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Key Gray from The Bulldog reports on a possible massive project in the southwest of Ottawa worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  According to the blog:
A consortium of at least three parties is proposing to construct a densely built small city that would stretch from the Manotick area, through Rideau and Goulbourn and up near West Carleton and Kanata. It could encompass at least 4,000 acres and would have a town centre. If approved, it would be one of the largest developments in Ottawa history.

The project keys around whether the city could drive western light rail to the development. That would have to happen within about a decade for the plan to be successful. Sources say principals behind the project are prepared to pay as much as the city portion of the cost extending light rail beyond Baseline station to the project if the federal and provincial government would come up with one-third each of the remaining expenses.
The story goes on to say that the plan is so secret that the office of Mayor Jim Watson does not have a lot of information on the proposed project, which apparently has been the talk of rural areas.

In other news, if you are a winter sports enthusiast you should check out this post from the blog Climate Ottawa, which links to a recent article from Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.  The story describes how the impact of climate change is negatively impacting the ability to participate in outdoor winter sports.

Pet owners may be interested in reading this recent post from the Riverview Park Community Association, which announces the creation of an email list that tracks missing pets in the community.  Those who join the list will receive a confidential email whenever a pet goes missing, so community members can better track missing pets.

The West Barrhaven Community Association, meanwhile, provides a link to the proposed projects in the west-end neighbourhood, as well as noting that it will hold a General Meeting on March 12 .  To finish things off, the foodie blog City Bites from Ottawa Magazine notes that Happy Goat Coffee now has a new location at 35 Laurel Street in Hintonburg, while Childfree has some neighbourhood updates for Hintonburg and Wellington West.

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