Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Review: Gordon Dewis

Photo by Trailmix.Net courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

I have been following Gordon Dewis' personal blog for awhile now.  A self-described geocacher who lives in Ottawa, his blog contains personal musings on a wide range of subjects, weather information (including space weather) and a good blogroll of interesting local sites.

Recent posts include a happy birthday salute to the late science fiction great Douglas Adams, interesting thoughts on moving our clocks forward, (apparently there is no reliable evidence to prove that daylight saving time results in any energy savings, although there is evidence that accidents increase right after the switch), and reflections on a recent trip to New York City.  My favourite post by him this year, however, is this video of boiling water turning into vapour during a particularly freezing day this winter.  In fact, I liked this video so much I included it in my first ever column on Ottawa bloggers for Apartment 613.

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