Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Review: Karen's Chronicles

Photo by Frederic Sune
(Museum of Civilization - Copyright)

Karen Wilson is one impressive woman.  She is also comes across as someone who is very kind and gentle.  "The two boys in my life are my supporting cast members," she writes on her blog bio. "My husband, Matt, is quite possibly the best guy in the world. ... My son, Brandon, is the best thing that's happened to Matt and me. He's got the sweetest personality and we adore him."

A quick look at her resume reveals that she is quite accomplished.  A co-founder of Wellman Wilson Consulting, a company that primarily helps smalls businesses to use social media to achieve their business goals, she  is also an organizer of the Social Capital Conference, which takes place on June 1 of this year.  (Her business partner Lara Wellman is the other conference organizer).  If this were not enough, she also occasionally writes for the blog Kids in the Capital.

With all of her work and family life it is remarkable that she maintains her own blog Karen's Chronicles.  Recent posts include:

  • Insights with balancing home life and work; 
  • Learning to accept and appreciate who you are;
  • Some thoughts on Squarespace, a web designing tool that is an alternative to Blogger;
  • Discussing mental illness; and
  • Making reference to her son's autism. (Karen and her husband discovered in late-2012 that Brandon has autism).

I am glad that I came across this blog and look forward to reading future posts from Karen.

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