Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Review: David Scrimshaw's Blog

Photo by David Scrimshaw
(Creative Commons)

David Scrimshaw is a lawyer whose blog provides, to quote the banner at the top of his site, "Observations, Brilliant Ideas, Useful Tips, Ottawa Life."  I only stumbled across this site recently, but have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far.

David is clearly a funny guy, as is made clear by the picture above which he refers to as a new "sculpture" at Algonquin College.  "I spotted a new sculpture at Algonquin College yesterday on my way to the bus stop after work," he writes in a recent post.  "I believe these three shopping carts of different sizes are making a statement about consumerism and elevated expectations.  I would have taken more photos and studied the sculpture longer, but the 95 came and I had to run."

Other posts include a movie about a squirrel, a positive review of West Park Bowling Centre on Wellington Street West, insightful observations about chip bag hangers, and a photo of a chalk drawing at Lebreton.  There is also a hilarious photo of a "big sale" at the Westboro Superstore, a big supermarket that features prominently in the blog.

I have worked in a cubicle most of my professional life and have had a lot of cubicle neighbours over the years.  My favourite are those that can tell jokes, provide interesting insights, give useful suggestions and make your day at work feel better.  David's blog is the blogging equivalent of a cool cubicle mate.

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