Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ottawa Photographers: Take Three

Photo by courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

In two previous posts I have highlighted some of the great photographic talent in Ottawa (see here and here).  In this post, I will add to the growing blogroll of photographers in the National Capital Region.

David Forcier's photo-blog contains many raw images, mostly in black and white, and often related to music.   Candis Sabean, in contrast, offers up a completely different camera palette, with colourful images of wildlife, landscapes and works of art.

If you are interested in looking at photographs of world leaders, athletes, politicians and other people in the news, Brair Gable's photo-blog contains photos of, among other people, Prime Minister Harper, Queen Elizabeth II, Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Ottawa Senators players in action.

For those looking to hire a photographer for new born, baby, children and/or family pictures, there is Kim Richard. The photo-blog Photo cafe has some gorgeous shots of the Ottawa area, while Metro Perspectives has images from various cities in Canada and the United States, including Canada's capital.

Jeremy Shane Reid writes on his blog that he works at Irene’s Pub and studied photography and graphic design at  Algonquin College.  His online portfolio One Creative Source contains some beautiful images that are at times poignant, intriguing, thoughtful and haunting.

Photographer Mario Cerroni likes to discuss and write about what he sees in his photographs. "I update this blog with a new photo and some writing - usually a poem - as often as I can," he says on his site PhotoDiction.  The images here are truly remarkable, and I look forward to viewing more of his work.

While updated sporadically, Photography by Ramin is worth a look, as is Dan Neutel's site, which contains a breathtaking 360 panoramic view of Ottawa.

Finally, photographer Kimusan manages Relishing, and interesting site that builds on her work with and Le Mien.  Regarding the last photo-blog, followers of Ottawa's photographic scene will recall this project undertaken in 2010-11 when Kimusan photographed 100 strangers.

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to delving deeper into these and previously mentioned sites, as I highlight the truly impressive photographic talent in the city.

Update (March 26): Today I came across Manifeisty, a great photo-blog by Debra Cowie.

Update (March 30): Found another local photo-blog; click on Dwayne Brown.

Update (April 4):  I have found some other photos-blogs, this time by Mike Steinhauer, Capital Oh and Carmelephant.  At the rate that I am coming across new photographers, I may have to do a fourth-post on photo-blogs.

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