Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Review: La Cuisine d'Hélène

Photo by Hélène Péloquin
Cooking has always been a part of Hélène Péloquin's life.  "My passion for cooking, especially baking, started at a very young age," she writes on her blog La Cuisine d'Hélène.  "When my mom was helping my dad on the farm I was baking and preparing lunch for them.  I spent countless hours reading the few cookbooks that could be found in the house.  Pictures of the finish dish fascinated me.  I was dreaming of the next dish I was going to prepare."

Growing up on a farm, Hélène spent long hours helping in the large vegetable garden in her home.  This passion for cooking carried over to her adult life when she started her own collection of cookbooks, as well as making sure that her three children had lasting memories of what she cooked and baked at home.

Born in St-Hyacinthe, QC, but now a resident of Ottawa, she created the blog La Cuisine d'Hélène in 2006, which is a goldmine of culinary tips.  If fact, if you are looking to beef up your gastronomic library, this blog is a perfect place to look for new recommendations.  Her posts regularly include reviews of cookbooks, such as this collection of vegan recipes, this work of cooking and gardening tips, a list of the 150 best Ebelskiver recipes, which are traditional Danish pancakes, and a cookbook of gluten-free whole grains recipes.

Photo by Hélène Péloquin
In addition to reviewing cookbooks, Hélène also reviews different products, has the occasional giveaway (see here and here for examples), as well as providing interesting food-related news, such as the new CarrotLines app that is free and which is aimed at helping consumers make healthier choices at the grocery story.

Hélène's also showcases her love of photography on her blog. "When I had my first real job I bought myself a Nikon with couple lenses," she writes on her site's bio. "I now shoot with a Canon Rebel T4i with a macro lens for my food photos.  I much prefer to shoot digital.  I still have my old camera but I don’t use it anymore. Eventually I will take a photography course. I would love to improve my skills and food styling."

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