Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recipe Sunday: Pi Day, Savoury Cake, Crab Cakes and Moo-Less Chocolate Mousse

Photo by Alex Barth courtesy of Flickr
(Creative Commons)

Looking for some ideas on what to cook this week?  Fret not, as here is the weekly round-up of recipes that have appeared in the local blogosphere.  Given that the purpose of this project is to promote local blogs, I decided this week to include one recipe from every foodie blog with a recent cooking post.

Sybaritica continues its Asian-flavoured suggestions with this recipe for Thai-style pineapple fried rice.

Tea for Two Sisters honoured Pi Day 2013 with a post on different kinds of pie, from spicy meat pie, to shepherd's pie, to apple pie to lemon meringue pie.

Culinarilyinclined celebrated Pi Day on March 14 with a spinach and cheese quiche.

Mon Food Blog offers the culinary bold suggestion of savoury cake with prosciutto, chèvre and pear. "When I posted on Facebook that I was working on this recipe for Mon Food Blog, I got all sorts of reactions," writes blogger Dr. Dan.  "Most of them with a gasp in the middle and a question mark at the end."    The foodie in me, however, is intrigued, and my stomach is pretty curious.

Eaten Up by local blogging extraordinaire Pearl Pirie offers a delicious, if perhaps naughty, dessert suggestion of fruit salad and Disaronno.

Dude, COOK! gives his secret to making crab cakes, while wondering why he doesn't eat more of them.

Double Trouble Kitchen Edition explains how to make moo-less chocolate mousse with avocado, cocoa powder, coconut milk and a few more ingredients.

Kelly from The Gouda Life writes that she underwent a disappointing experience recently, and to calm herself she baked a maple porter and chocolate bundt cake.

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