Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recipe Sunday - Kale Edition: Using kale to make salad, pizza and pureé

Photo by Connoisseur 4 the Cure courtesy of Flickr
(Kale salad - Creative Commons)

I scheduled this post a few days ago as I am currently out of town for the Easter long weekend.  As such, I was only able to gather a few recipes from the local blogosphere.

A peek inside the fishbowl explains how to make a kale and apple salad, which to this kale lover sounds very interesting.

Eaten Up continues the kale theme with a kale pizza.

Valerie Ward joins the kale party with her tips on how to prepare a winter kale stir-fry and celery root pureé.

Turning away from the kale fest, La cuisine d'Hélène has a great suggestion for an Easter weekend menu with her recipe for sun-maid raisin pecan sticky toast.

Food Gypsy gives the lowdown on how to make a fast frittata.

TBBs, a blog that I just discovered, offers tips on how to make vegan gluten free brownies.

Meaghan to the Max, another blog that I recently came across, describes how to make a tortilla soup.

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