Friday, March 8, 2013

New Blogs: Music, Illustrators and Humour

Ottawa is a city filled with music lovers.  Up to now, however, I did not have a section on the blogroll dedicated to music.  Fortunately I found the time to correct this, and have now linked to various music-related blogs.  My intention is to add to this list in the coming weeks, with the aim of writing a post in the near future that focusses on the music-loving bloggers in the city.  In addition to music, I also created a section on the blogroll for illustrators and humour.  In regard to the latter, the only local comedy site I have found so far is The O Dot, although I have a suspicion that there are other funny people roaming in the local blogosphere.

Update: Sean McIndoe writes hockey humour at his blog Down Goes Brown, which I have added to the humour section. 

Update (March 16): I have added ELgiN StreEt iRReguLars, a quirky web site whose tongue is firmly planted in its cheek.

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