Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog Review: Down Goes Brown

Photy by Vancouver 125
courtesy of Flickr (Creative commons)

Sean McIndoe is an Ottawa-based writer whose articles have appeared in the National Post, and who has written a book based on his hockey humour blog Down Goes Brown.  While the site is focused on getting laughs, it also contains insightful analysis, such as this recent post on how professional hockey is using computer technology to gain a winning edge.  However, the series insights soon turn to comedy, as McIndoe quickly begins to imagine the computer technology that some teams use:
Calgary Flames - Are still in excellent shape to contend for the playoffs yet again according to the high-end software they've relied on for all front office decisions over the past few years, a used PlayStation 2 copy of NHL 2005....
Toronto Maple Leafs - Prefer to determine ice time with old-fashioned methods like this handy ranking chart on Randy Carlyle's clipboard which, in related news, we recently discovered he had been holding upside down.
Ottawa Senators - Can simulate the outcomes of various strategic decisions using their specially developed cyborg version of coach Paul MacLean, which will be great as long as it doesn't achieve self-awareness and start going to games and sitting right behind the bench and oh god we're all doomed.
Vancouver Canucks - Tried to prepare for a recent game against the Coyotes by using a simulation of goaltender Mike Smith, but every time they ran it the computer immediately went down.
Other recent posts include a funny look the Toronto Maple Leafs, a brief history of Chris Pronger's career, and a tongue in cheek analysis of how NHL teams sign players.  In addition, McIndoe provides periodic updates about his book on his blog, as well as linking to his articles on The Triangle Blog that can be found on the Grantland, a sports web site affiliated with ESPN.

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